Honeycomb Removal

Effective Honeycomb Removal Services

The removal of honeycomb is an essential step in vacating bees from your property. Bees play an important role in pollinating the world’s crops, but leftover honeycomb can cause many complications. It can entice pests such as hive beetles and cause a secondary infestation. 

Why Is Honeycomb Removal Important?

We are committed to preserving bee colonies and the honeycomb they produce. One factor you may not have considered is the impact inexperienced or lethal bee removal can have. Removing bees without removing the honeycomb can cause more complications than the bees caused themselves. 

Honeycomb Removal Experts

Our team is proud to have many years of experience working with bees and understand their behaviour well. One thing that customers may not be aware of is the way that the bees work to preserve the honeycomb. 

Understanding Bee Behaviour

Bees work to keep the hive cool by circulating the air with their wings. This is a vital cooling method which prevents the honey from melting.

By removing the bees but leaving the honeycomb behind, you will cause the temperature to rise. Melting honey will then seep through the building and can cause a permanent lingering smell. This will be damp and can leave unsightly, problematic marks in places such as walls.

This sticky honey residue can attract a variety of other problematic creatures, including pests such as hive beetles, wasps and more.

Pesticide-Free Honeycomb Removal

We are committed to providing pesticide-free bee removal. We understand the devastating impact that insecticides can have. Lethal bee removal is contributing to the declining number of bees around the world. Insecticides mean that any remaining honeycomb will be contaminated, causing further problems too.

Once other creatures (including wasps and other honeybees) become attracted to the residue, they will spread the contaminated particles to their own hives. This will have devastating impacts and can even cause insecticides to end up in the human food chain, causing long-lasting damage.

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