Bee removal from chimneys

Bee Removal and prevention services for chimneys

If you have a colony of bees living inside your chimney, it’s important that they are safely relocated to a more suitable place. Not only can it be dangerous for the bees themselves to be living in a chimney, but they can cause damage to your property too. Removing them is a difficult task which must only ever be carried out by an experienced professional.

What are the signs of bees living in chimneys?

One of the first signs for many homeowners is the presence of a dark sticky substance running down the walls of the chimney. This is actually honey melting down from the hive. It might also be that, while enjoying your garden in the summer months, you notice bee activity around the chimney.

The importance of early detection

While we are often told that bees have only recently moved into the chimney, it’s often the case that they have been there for quite some time. Once bees have decided that your chimney is the place they want to settle, they arrive in mass and quickly set to work. The more established the colony is, the more difficult it is to remove them. Call for removal as soon as you notice those first signs of activity.

Early inspection is key

The best solution, if you suspect you have a colony of bees living in your chimney or elsewhere within your property, is to have a professional come out to carry out a thorough inspection. Chimneys in particular are difficult to access. The severity of the problem can also be identified this way, if the colony has only recently moved in then it’s likely that both they and their honeycomb will be able to be removed easily. A well-established colony may be more difficult to remove and so ensuring you’re working with trusted, reliable experts who can properly plan the best method of removal is essential.

Safe Bee Removal

Our team are all highly skilled and experienced, with a good understanding of bee behaviour. We are committed to removing bees from chimneys while ensuring the safety of both them and ourselves. We are qualified and licensed to carry out the removals and can even work in listed properties.

More than just relocating the bees themselves

Simply removing the bees themselves is just the beginning and so killing the bees is not an ethical nor sensible option. Any leftover honeycomb will cause further problems. The honey, no longer being cooled by the flapping wings of the bees, will begin to run and cause damp sticky patches on your walls. This may even have spread to the interior of your walls, with detrimental effects if it’s not resolved quickly.

A variety of pests, including wasps and hive beetles, will also be attracted to this residue. Our team are committed to not just safely removing the bees, but also their honeycomb. We will then put preventative measures in place, where possible, to stop this from happening again.

Looking for bee removal from chimneys?

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