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The removal of bees is sometimes necessary, but we have a duty of care to protect them. Our team will ensure that bees are moved to another location where the hive can thrive.

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Experienced Bee Removal & Relocation Services Across Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire

Honeybees are often found in bushes or trees, but they can also get into the cavities of homes or other problem areas. We work closely with local beekeepers to relocate bee colonies safely. 

It’s not just the bees themselves that are a cause for concern. Unless hives are properly removed, the remaining honeycomb can attract and cause further pest infestations. Our team has the experience and knowledge to remove your infestation and put preventative measures in place to stop them from happening again. 

Bee Aware | Protecting British Bees

Bees have a vital place in the world and we understand how important it is to protect them. However, having a colony living in the cavities of your home or causing a nuisance elsewhere is not ideal for you or the bees.

Our non-lethal bee removal services offer a variety of benefits:

  • Allowing honeybees to thrive in more suitable habitats.
  • Benefiting the environment by ensuring the survival of bees.
  • Prevent potential dangers triggered by the damage colonies can cause.
  • Safe extraction from even the most difficult to access areas.
  • Fully insured, experienced team with extensive bee knowledge.

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Our team of experienced bee removal experts will carry out a full site survey to ensure that the job can be carried out safely and efficiently, providing you with a transparent quotation. Give us a call today to find out more about how we can help.