Bee Removal from Trees

Bee Removal from Trees

The removal of bee swarms and colonies from trees can be because of two reasons. Either you have a swarm of bees who have stopped to rest on your property, or a colony have settled and have established a hive in your trees. Either way, removing them from problem areas as quickly as possible is the key.

Identifying the problem: bee swarm or colony?

Bee swarms in trees

A swarm is seen when bees are looking for a new place to call home. While a swarm can look overwhelming, with thousands of bees congregating in one place, these bees are relatively harmless and will have stopped to rest or investigate a new area. If the place where they have stopped is a tree on your property that could cause a problem, for example, if it is right near your house or in an area that’s likely to be frequently used, then it’s best to move them on quickly before they decide this is the place they’d like to stay for years to come. 

A colony of bees

Once the bees have decided to settle in a tree, they will work quickly to construct their new hive. The longer this is there, the more difficult it will be to remove them. You will be able to tell whether you’re faced with a hive or a swarm of bees by their activity. In a colony, you’ll see more activity and worker bees will be going to and from the nest. 

How do you remove bees from trees?

If the bee colony has made itself comfortable within the cavity of your trees, then there are several methods of removal possible. It may be possible to trap them out, using a bee box to lure them out over the course of several days. This isn’t always successful, however, in which case we may have to resort to the cutaway method. 

What is the cutaway method?

This will involve cutting back parts of the tree to reveal the hive and then subsequently removing that section of the tree trunk or branch. We are determined to cause as little damage to the tree as possible though and will do our best to only remove the smallest possible area, keeping you updated on our progress.

Looking to remove bees from a tree?

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