Home Bee Removal

Do you have a Bee Colony in your home?

Whether bees have decided to settle in your roof, wall cavities, chimneys or even in the trees just outside of your home, it’s important to act quickly. Safely relocating bees offers them a better environment to thrive in while ensuring that any damage to your property will be minimised.

Why do bees need to be removed?

Although at first the thought of a beehive in your unused loft may sound harmless, the secondary effects of a colony settling on your property are costly. Bees produce honey which will ultimately run down and cause damp, sticky residue to leak through your walls or ceilings. This can cause interior damage which can quickly become extensive. As honey is a sticky, sweet material there is also a range of other insects and pests which will become attracted to it.

Why do we relocate live bees?

Bees have a crucial part to play in the pollination of many of the world’s crops and plants. They are a vital part of our ecosystem and it would be irresponsible to use lethal methods of removal unless it was absolutely crucial. Besides our moral duty, however, there are many other problems caused by killing off the bees but not removing the hive or honeycomb.

Removing the Honeycomb

As we mentioned above, honey can and will attract other pests. This is made worse once the bees themselves have been removed. This is because bees work hard to regulate the temperature of their hives. The flapping of their wings cools down the honey, which helps it to stay in the honeycomb they’ve created. Once the bees are gone the temperature will rise and so the honey will drip more quickly. This causes an influx of problems. We will always take the time to move not only the bees but also their precious combs and any remaining wax, to leave the area clear.

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